GAM 320 Vision Added Automatic PCB Separator

  • Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision alignment system at set, great improve the precision of cutting and operation efficiency.
  • Use high-speed main shaft to cut PCB, less cutting stress, high precision, and apply to any form of PCB.
  • Dual tables motion could carry out PCB cutting and placing at the same time, improve operation efficiency.
  • High efficiency patent dust-collector, low noise, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Window operation system is not only safe and stable but also easy to learn and operate.
  • Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision offset at set, especially for high precision and production of PCB cutting process.
  • Apply to small connected PCB, such as cell-phone, digital camera, GPS, PDA  and MODULE, cutting processing.
  • Extended size applies to those large PCB of digital TV, PC mainframe, workstation, and server cutting process.
  • Standard jig or special purpose jig, to aid in PCB cutting to increase production, is optional.
  • Placing work pieces on the dual table to less the waiting time and increase the production.
Operational vision.
  • Diagrammatic window operating pages, easy to learn and operate.
  • Directly edit the cutting programming on screen.
【System Setting】
  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Set the related parameters of cutting.
【 Maintenance program】
  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn and operate.
【 Mill equipment】
  • Adopt MAX 60000RPM with precision and high-speed performance.
  • Less cutting stress, smooth edge and high precision.
  • Use left mill and coordinate with down dust-collector.
  • Z axis equips auto offsetting, mill depth would be auto-adjusted.
【 Dust-collector】
  • Adapt to high effective motor and fan, will reduce noise and increase dust-collecting efficiency.
  • Adapt roof of filter bag to gather up the powder dust and broken pieces after cutting.
  • Equip switch of air-gap to increase airflow of dust-collecting.
  ITEMS GAM320 GAM320L  
  Valid cutting size 350*300mm 450*500mm  
  Cutting function Offset to straight line, circular, and arc  
  Process table Dual tables  
  Repeat precision ±0.01mm  
  Cutting precision ±0.02mm  
  Max. moving speed XY axis:800mm/s、 Z axis:350mm/s  
  Max. moving stroke X:810 Y:370 Z:90mm X:1010 Y:570 Z:90mm  
  Main shaft rotational speed MAX.60000rpm Adjustable  
  Cutting speed 0~100mm/s Adjustable  
  Operation interface Window operating interface  
  Program teaching mode Color CCD image input by intuition teaching  
  Program backup USB interface  
  Control method PC BASE precise three-axis control system  
  XYZ axis driving mode AC Servo Motor  
  Adapted mill size ø0.8~3.0mm  
  Power specification AC220V/380V 50/60HZ Three phase  
  Cutting machine dimensions 1250(W)*1400(D)*1570(H)mm 1450(W)*1700(D)*1570(H)mm  
  Cutting machine weight 750kg 900kg  
  Dust-collector power efficiency 3HP 3hp  
  Dust-collector dimensions 800(W)*650(D)*1790(H)mm 800(W)*650(D)*1790(H)mm  
  Dust-collector weight 120kg 120kg  
  Dust-collector method Down dust-collector Down dust-collector  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM320.pdf  
  Manual GAM320.pdf