GAM 320AT In-Line Automatic PCB Separator

  • In-line Automatic PCB Separator can loading, Cutting, unloading automatically , meet the needs of automatic factory.
  • It can adjust width and receive PC board automatically. Meanwhile, it can identify the finished PC Board and waste automatically after cutting, save labor costs.
  • Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision alignment system at set, great improve the precision of cutting and operation efficiency.
  • Use high-speed main shaft to cut PCB, less cutting stress, high precision, and apply to any form of PCB.
  • Dual tables motion could carry out PCB cutting and placing at the same time, improve operation efficiency.
  • In-line Automatic PCB Separator can loading, cutting, identification, unloading automatically , consistent with operation save labor costs.
  • Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision offset at set, especially for high precision and production of PCB cutting process.
  • Apply to small connected PCB, such as cell-phone, digital camera, GPS, PDA  and MODULE, cutting processing.
  • Extended size applies to those large PCB of digital TV, PC mainframe, workstation, and server cutting process.
  • Placing work pieces on the dual table to less the waiting time and increase the production.
  • You can use variety programs for receiving PC Board to achieve fully automation, saving labor costs.
Operational vision.
  • Diagrammatic window operating pages, easy to learn and operate.
  • Directly edit the cutting programming on screen.。
【System Setting】
  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Set the related parameters of cutting.
【 Maintenance program】
  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn and operate.
【 Loading and Transfer Mechanism】
  • Use belt conveyor for loading, track width can be adjusted automatically.
  • PC board will be clamping and positioning automatically after loading.
  • Vacuum suction cup of the transfer mechanism will pick up the PC Board onto the cutting jig automatically.
【 Unloading and Transfer Mechanism】
  • Vacuum suction cup will pick up the finished PC Board and waste from the cutting jig automatically. Then, put them into unloading conveyor and waste bucket.
  • Unloading conveyor can be retracted to the machine's inner, shorten the unloading and transfer mechanism in order to improve the stroke's efficiency.
  • Waste bucket on the side of machine and beneath the unloading conveyor, easy to operate and can save space.
  Valid cutting size 350*300mm  
  Loading Method

Track Delivery

  Unloading Method

Track Delivery or Partion Delivery

  Transfer Method

Vacuum Nozzle Adsorption

  Movement Direction


  Cutting function

Offset to straight line, circular, and arc

  Process table

Dual tables

  Repeat precision


  Cutting precision


  Max. moving speed

XY 800mm/s、 Z 350mm/s

  Max. moving stroke X:810 Y:370 Z:90mm  
  Main shaft rotational speed MAX.60000rpm (adj)  
  Cutting speed 0~100mm/s (adj)  
  Operation interface Window operating interface  
  Program teaching mode Color CCD image input by intuition teaching  
  Program backup USB interface  
  Control method PC BASE precise three-axis control system  
  XYZ axis driving mode AC Servo Motor  
  Adapted mill size ø0.8~3.0mm  
  Power specification AC220V 50/60HZ (1Φ)  
  Cutting machine dimensions 1250(W)*1400(D)*1570(H)mm  
  Cutting machine weight 800kg  
  Dust-collector power efficiency 5HP  
  Dust-collector dimensions 840(W)*738(D)*1752(H)mm  
  Dust collector suitable voltage AC220V/380V 50/60HZ (3Φ)  
  Dust-collector weight 220kg  
  Dust-collector method Down dust-collector  
  Catalogue GAM320AT.pdf  
  Manual GAM320AT.pdf