GAM 80M Automatic Drill Bit Ring-setting Measurement Inspection Machine

  • Automatic Operation without Contact:Ring Setting, Diameter Inspection, Effective Drill Bit Length Inspection & Drill Bit Frontal Surface Inspection.
  • Unique Image Processing Technology:Inspection automatically & check the defective drill bit.
  • The carry box can comply with all different brands of drill bit.
  • Window Interface:Easy to learn.
  • Human Operation Envirnment:High Productivity & Reliability.
  • PCB Drill Room Operation.
  • Ring Setting & Inspection in the Facility.
  • Manufacturer's best choice maintain quality & package.
  • Statistic data sheet improves the processing.
  • Automatic Operation without Contact Device for length of drill bit inspection.
  • Automatic Operation without Contact Device for frontal surface of drill bit inspection.
  • The Drill bit Over-Turn Device.

【Drill bit frontal surface inspection】


【Input Device】

  • Comply with all different brands' drill package box.
  • Automatic procedding without touch.
  • Can replenish new drill bit bit box during the operation.
  • Drill Bit Plate and Package Size depend on the users.

【Output Device】

  • Comply with all different brands' drill package box.
  • Inspect the defective drill bit automatically and move to the defective area.
  • Cooperate with the Overturn device:Put drill bit directly to Hitachi drill plate.
  • Drill Bit Plate and Package Size depend on the users.

【Operational Vision】

  • Operational Vision with Drawings.
  • Human Operational Environment.
  • Easy to learn.

【System Setting】

  • Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
  • Windows Operational Environment:Easy to learn.

【Parameter Setting】

  • Provide "Easy Setting" and Maintenance.
  • Display the condition by synchronization:Easy to learn.

【Carry Box Setting】

  • More than 100 Options for Carry Box.
  • Update or Modify Carry Box's Size.
  • Full Screen Edit:Easy to use.
  Ring setting Ring setting, remove ring, change ring, add setting depth, etc…  
  1. Automatic operation without contact device for length of drill bit inspection.
  2. The drill bit over-turn device.
  Ring Setting Capability 25 pcs/min (under standard condition)  
  Accuracy of add ring setting depth ±0.02mm  
  Measurement Accuracy of diameter 0.05mm  
  Measurement Accuracy of drill bit length ±0.05mm  
  Suitable size of drill bit ψ0.1~2.0mm  
  Suitable diameter of drill handle ψ3.175mm  
  Ring Size ψ7.5mm*4.6t  
  Capacity of standby area 300pcs  
  Capacity of defective area 30pcs  
  System Windows  
  Air Capacity 6kg-cm2  
  Software specification
  1. Windows interface
  2. More than 100 Options for carry box. Comply with all difference brands of package box.
  3. Directly setting parameter from computer.
  4. Automatically inspect & place defective and good drill bit to different area.
  1. Warranty term under one year.
  2. Free of charge for update software during warranty term.
  3. Free of charge for installation, test and twice education. (All in the client’s factory)
  Power Supply AC220V ±10% 1.5KVA  
  Dimensions(L×W×H) 1925×1200×1570 mm3  
  Weight 1200 kg  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM80m.pdf (320k)  
  Video GAM80m.mpg (24.1MB)  
  Manual GAM80m.pdf (320k)