GAM 820/820A Vision Added Measurement Inspection System

GAM 820

  • Solid rigid moveable table which achieves highly accurate measurement. The GAM 820 offers a solid rigid X-Y table design and its movement is speedy and accurate. The repeat positioning accuracy is 0.005 mm (0.0002 inch).
  • Fully digital controlled devices. All devices attached to GAM 820 are controlled by a digital I/O card. CCD focusing, front light, back light, mark pen, and a laser beam indicator can be controlled by a simple click of the computer mouse.
  • The software design is user-friendly. The icons, buttons, and multiform cursor make VAMIS handy to use. The product minmizes operators' training costs and the user can be trained within a few hours of operation.
  • Complete measurement functions give the user a maximum flexibility of operation. It also has image snap on functions. Its edge, center, strip, and extreme boundary can be easily captured and used as measuring points. Detail measuring reports give you the freedom to trace back each step during the operation. Chosen measured point records are stored in a standard database format (DBF) and can be imported into any data analysis software.
  • Dimension Measurement, Vision Compare, Coordinates Reading, Negative Measurement

GAM 820A

Direct positioning Snap to object center Snap to edge Snap to strip center Middle point calculation Angle calculation
Intersection point of two line Centers and gap of two circle Distance of two points Arc center defined by three points Perpendicular point and distance Original axis rotate compensation
  • Defects Inspection
    Film, Stencil, Mask defects can be detected by high accuracy mangnify lens.
  • Dimension Measurement
    All kinds of geometry measurement can dimension VAMIS command sets.
  • Numerical Control Programming
    Easy as programming tool NC machine. Easy coordinate data pick up. Universal data format is provided.
  Model GAM-820 GAM-820A  
  Bear weight of glass table 5kg 10kg  
  Drive system of x-y axis
Linear slide way & high precision of ball screw
  Min movement of x-y axis Optics ruler 0.001mm  
  Speed of x-y movement 100mm/sec  
  Fix way of standby object    
  Camera High resolution color CCD  
  Magnification 50 times fix magnification. (standard)  
  Light Front-lighted, back-lighted  
  Focusing way Motor adjustable  
  Control system Digital circuit serve control system  
  Operation interface Keyboard, mouse, digital operation interface  
  Display Color 17" VGA Monitor  
  Print device Color printer  
  Date I/O way 3 1/2 floppy  
  Measurement accuracy 5+L/100,000(μm) Standard.  
  Material of measurement table Glass table Granite base & glass table  
  Power supply Single phase AC110V/220V+ 5% 3KVA  
  Measurement area(mm) 450×350 mm2 620×570 mm2  
  Movement area(mm) 460×360 mm2 650×610 mm2  
  Dimensions L×W×H(mm) 1300×1130×1150 mm3 1810×1570×1350 mm3  
  Weight 600kg 1200kg  
  1. Horizontal adjusting function.
  2. Automatic pick the center of a circle
  3. Automatic calculate the diameter of a circle
  4. Automatic take the boundary of a line
  5. Automatic take the center of a line
  6. Provide you miscellaneous measurement selection.
  7. Changeable unit of metric or inch measure.
  8. Print measurement result by printer.
  1. Automatic editor measurement process function.
  2. Automatic horizontal adjustment function, enhance measurement speed.
  3. Editor dimension measurement process as below
    (1) Center of a circle to center of a circle.
    (2) Center of a circle to edge of a board.
    (3) Center of a concentric circles and diameter.
    (4) Center of a line to center of a line.
    (5) Edge of a board to edge of a board.
    (6) Diameter of a circle.
    (7) Width of a line
  4. Print and edit the automatic measurement process report after accomplish.
  5. Provide measurement report and statistics diagram.
GAM 820
Front View Lateral View
GAM 820A
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM820/820A.pdf  
  Video GAM820/820A.mpg  
  Manual GAM820/820A.pdf