GAM 850 BGA Vision Rework Station
  • Put the SMD components automatically to prevent the instable quality from manual operation.
  • Use high-effect heater that can remove/mount SMD components efficiency by adjusting the temperature between 50℃~350℃.
  • Correct the control time with dynamical system immediately to ensure the situation of temperature.
  • Special design of preheater with 4KW IR heater and a mechanism against crooked PCB.
  • All in one with firm structure.
  • Divide images of components fast and precisely by a triangular prism system.
  • Provide a display temperature immediately.
  • PC base and touch panel, easy operation.
  • Suitable for the different devices of heater and SMD components.
  • Apply to electronic assembly and manufacture in reworking and maintaining operation.
  • High stability PCB, SMD components remove/mount, reflow station.
  • Remove/mount the components of PBGA, UBGA, CSP, PLCC, QFP, SOJ, MSP, SOP, etc.
  • Suitable for large size of PCB.
  • Accurate counterpoint system, easy to operate.
  • Heating up fast and stable with hot air and infrared-ray double technologies.
  • Using PC base control system to monitor all the works.
  • 1000 temp setting can be saved.

    Friendly main page:

    • Easy to operate and monitor.

    • The control button with drawing.

    Temp. Profile Display, Setting:

    • Display each step' temp. profile in the specific time.

    History of Reflow-Remove data list:

    • Offer operators standard history data lists.

    Heating and save file page:

    • The time of heating and tempreture setting.

    • Data save.

    Counterpoint page:

    • To match the BGA component on PCB Board; in a opposite position.

    Z-axis fixed position setting:

    • Correcting the position from PCB chip to nozzle.


  1. Heating Cover

  2. Print Stencil

  3. K-TYPE Line

  4. Tig of Tin Ball

  5. Soak Tin Shaft

  6. Stell Plate of BGA

  Max. PCB Size (mm) X=300 Y=400  
  PCB Anti-curved rack of PCB Standard  
  PCB Fixed Rack Left/Right  
  Machinery Size (mm) D620~920 W750,H660mm  
  Power Supply 2250W  
  Weight 80kg  
  Control Operation System PC Base  
  Power Supply AC220V±10% Single phase  
  Air Flow

30L/min TOP=0.2millibar, Button=0.1millibar

  Air Supply 5kg/Cm2  
  Operation System Window XP  
  Top Heater Air 600W Max.400℃  
  Button Heater Air 600W Max.300℃  
  Pre-heat Pie IR400W 200V 425mm Max.250℃  
  Pre-heat area (mm) 200x300  
  Heating steps 8 steps  
  Image Focus System Prism with CCD Camera  
  Image Magnification 300X  
  Image Light Source LED  
  Monitor LCD 17"  
  PCB Setup Semi-automatic  
  System setup Accuracy ±0.02mm  
  Temp. Accuracy ±2℃  
  Reflow-Remove Component Size 5.0-50.0mm  
Above View  
Front View Lateral View
  Catalogue GAM850.pdf  
  Video GAM850.mpg  
  Manual GAM850.pdf